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Customized Corporate Training sessions designed to get aquire and hold attention and deliver memorable content!

Are you faced with a need to find a facilitator capable of delivering a multifaceted program for your upcoming conference? Clearly, what will deliver the strongest impact for your conference is finding the correct balance of content and entertainment (a feat that is trickier than one might think) that will establish this year's  conference as a benchmark for years to come.

We offer you and your group the following options:

Inspiring Creativity and Problem Solving

By challenging preconceived ideas and assumptions, participants are invited to step into the shoes of a magician and look at how the application of basic principles, combining teamwork, leadership, creativity, and innovation, can transform the mundane into new opportunities to explore and learn! This is substantive professional development content that is entertaining, relevant, and, most important, memorable.

"This workshop was developed by our team specifically for the many non-profits in our area who were looking for alternatives to the overused "Think Outside the Box" presentations that they had seen so many times. We start by asking, "who built The Box, and how did we end up in here in the first place!?"


"Show Up, Stand Up, Step Up"

Developing Leadership & Fostering Teamwork

A fast paced review of key concepts in the areas of professional behavior, the importance of teamwork and communication, and personal leadership skills development. Like all of our seminars, this workshop uses interactive learning techniques to maximize the connection with the participants. Within the presentation, important concepts are illustrated with humor and by performing magical effects to make the principles entertaining and memorable. This is not Presentation. This is a facilitated discussion based on the many hard-earned lessons gleaned from years of working in employee training and development in large corporate organizations and as an award-winning performer with two decades of experience in the entertainment world. Participants in this program leave with tools and techniques designed to assist in Developing Shared Values, the Impact of Personal Behavior, Promoting Professional Conduct, and Establishing Team Communication Skills.

*It is a proven fact that Individual behavior, and it's affect on others, shapes the culture of the organization as a whole. In this same way, the culture of any organization influences individual behavior!


The 5 Fundamentals to Providing Customer Service

The Basics of Great Customer Service Communication

In today's increasingly service based economy it all comes down to building relationships. This requires establishing a connection with clients, both internal and external, and recognizing that everyone has "customers." At it's most basic level that relationship must be built on establishing connections based on mutual trust. This seminar discusses the 5 fundamental action steps needed to gain the trust of a customer and to provide customer service communication. Often referred to as the "soft skills," knowing these 5 action steps will empower members of your team and give them the tools needed to become customer service heroes.


• Look at Me      • Smile at Me    • Listen to Me     • Thank Me     • Remember Me

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